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12 Projects Completed This Period


July To Sept 2021

Various Drawing Projects Inc

Building elevations for land surveying company. Topographical land survey drawings for land surveying company. As installed gas line schematics for heating engineers & 3D drawings of a mobile, energy system teaching interactive model for energy management company.

Cinnabar CAD - Existing Building Unit Layout CAD Plans

Quote For Planning Application Drawings from Supplied Information


June 2021

Planning Application Consultancy - Leicestershire.

Enquiry, to be able to produce CAD drawings from supplied information to create initial planning application drawings inc. Site plan, Location plan, basic 3D building, equipment visual to be overlaid on site photos .

Cinnabar CAD - Planning Application Drawings

Quote & Acceptance For Measured Building Survey & CAD Plans


May 2021

Tyre Supplies & Servicing Company - Leicestershire.

Enquiry, quote and go ahead for a full measured building survey of their workshop/ storage area inc. existing workshop machinery size and positions. Create space plan of existing plant and proposed plan for new kit to be fitted in.

Cinnabar CAD - Workshop & Equipment Survey To CAD

Creation Of Property Elevations From Topographic Surveys


April - May 2021

Surveying Company - Northamptonshire.

Enjoying the production of a variety of building elevation projects from semi detached properties, bungalows, light industrial units, detached houses. Client is happy with the work being produced.

Cinnabar CAD - Property Elevations On CAD

Quote To Create Finished CAD Drawing From Supplied Sketch


April 2021

Private Individual.

Enquiry and quote to produce a finished CAD drawing of the supplied bowsprit sketch created by the client, which will be sent to a fabricator. I'm not from an engineering background, but I can produce drawings from well marked up sketches.

Cinnabar CAD - Bowsprit sketch to CAD

Quote To Create Property Elevations From Topographic Surveys


March 2021

Surveying Company - Northamptonshire.

Quote and subsequent approval from a potential new client, to produce building elevations from their supplied on site photo's, orthophoto's & topographical survey information. This is the beginning of a potential long term arrangement. While they have more work coming in than they can practically handle, off loading the drawing of the elevations allows more time for surveying and creating the topographical information.

Cinnabar CAD - Property Elevations On CAD

Query To Create CAD Illustration Drawings For Agricultural Bovine Housing/ Bedding Company


March 2021

Bovine Bedding Stalls Installer - South Leicestershire.

The company is looking to have professional looking technical illustrations of connection clamps and bedding stall loops for use on their website, sales brochures, installation instructions & part picking information etc.

Cinnabar CAD - Stall Component Illustrations

Enquiry & Quote To Create Property Elevations/ Sections


March 2021

Surveying Company - Leicestershire.

Enquiry to produce building elevations & sections where required from their supplied topographical survey information.

Cinnabar CAD - Building Elevations On CAD

Enquiry To Replicate Planning Application Drawing + Add Amendments


November 2020

Private Individual - Leicestershire.

The existing drawing requires a few amendments and the architect is no longer contactable. The paper plan has to be redrawn on CAD, amended with clients changes and printed off. Amendments resubmitted to planning authority by client.

Cinnabar CAD - Redraw Paper Plan On CAD


Quote To Create Electrical System Line CAD Drawings


October 2020

Electrical Contractors - Leicestershire.

Quote to produce electrical circuit layout CAD drawings (approx. 130) from supplied existing circuit schedules.

Cinnabar CAD - Electrical Cicuit Layouts To CAD

Enquiry To Create CAD Drawing From Supplied PDF


September 2020

Building Security Equipment Manufacturer - Northamptonshire.

Enquiry to produce CAD drawing from simple product layout supplied in PDF format.

Cinnabar CAD - Simple PDF Drawing To CAD

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